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"Every traveler can be a part of the solution to help protect the natural and cultural heritage of our planet while they have the vacation of a lifetime."

 - Costas Christ, Global Travel Editor, National Geographic Adventure


"All the animals and land throughout the planet are held in trust by us. We have no right to destroy or change this heritage so that it becomes unrecognizable. We have a duty to pass the planet along to future generations in as unspoiled a way as possible. This requires intelligence, foresight, understanding and creative effort."

- Lars-Eric Lindblad from his book Passport to Anywhere


There are only a handful of travel companies both land based and maritime that meet or exceed the demands of international sustainability standards.  I only plan on presenting companies to you that meet those standards.  Please check back periodically as we will be adding a range of travel companies for your consideration in your vacation planning. 


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